Tuesday, November 29, 2011


rubbing salt in the wounds of  bleeding hearts
laws enforced at our convenience
we are the self-righteous ones who moralize and demonize
acts of desperation
never to once offer a ray of hope
a word of guidance
or an investment in a weaker one’s future
our prideful arrogance fuels the fires of indifference
as iniquity locks the doors to freedom
living in the twilight zone of a terrorist mindset
neo-nazi syndrome
what will happen when the pendulum swings back
the light is turned on
our sins are written in the sand
and we walk away
with rocks still poised to throw the first stone
our poison tongues ready to paralyze the latest prey
we salivate like rabid dogs
waiting for the opportunity to strike at our next meal
when will we learn
to choose mercy over judgment
life over madness
dreams over despair
hearts are bleeding
but who will see
who will stop the issue
the hemorrhage
the death
from within...

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