Friday, June 29, 2012


If you do
because you have to
but don't want to...
because it's expected
but you can't afford it...
even though you would rather be
someplace else...
then, don't.
Forced behavior that's not from the heart
is like violence
and rape of the soul
that gives rise to bastard children of resentment
from the seeds of iniquity
planted in the womb of hatred
spreading like a disease that pollutes the land
and carries death to its residents like the waters of Katrina.
So if you have to...
don't want to...
or won't...
please don't.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

beautiful black girl

 beautiful black girl…
daydreaming of unexpected treasure washed upon the shore
randomly gathering shells and relishing the days of no worries, concerns or cares
beautiful black girl…
innocently digging holes in the sand
running from the waves on bandy legs like a sandpiper bird
never knowing that the waters of life will catch her
soon enough
lost in the motion of her thoughts that carry her heart to distant places
returning with the tide
and going back out to sea again
beautiful black girl…
see yourself as more than what the world says that you are
the thoughts of your Creator towards you outnumber the grains of sand in your pail
how wonderful you are to Him
be true to yourself and to your dreams
and always keep a smile
as you chase the tide

Monday, June 25, 2012


I wrote another poem in the sand

with words from space

inspired by the rhythm of the waves

singing and waving in time

with a rhapsody in blue yellow and blue

black trident in the middle

fist raised in pride

for those who stood behind enemy lines

building this land that I now stand upon

never forgetting from whence we came

looking out to the horizon over the Middle Passage

where bodies lie in wait for their vengeance on the Last Day

with no sense of urgency

because in time all will be free

so in the meantime

I write these words

of grace in the sand

inspired by the rhythm of the waves

calling me…

© 2012 PoetryofMotion!

All Rights Reserved