Sunday, December 28, 2014

Save the Date! January 8. 2014

Save the Date: January 8, 2015...I will be the featured poet at Barrio Poetix
La Marqueta East 118 & Park Avenue, New York, NY 8 PM - 10PM
Free Open Mic! No cover
Indoors, Puerto Rican food will be available for sale by El Caldero de Nellie!
Don't be afraid of the cold...come out to play!
Sponsored by Melissa Mark-Viverito, Speaker NYC Council and Acacia Network..

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


fugue and variation
haystacks shrouded within impressionist fog
move to this
spiccato cello against the violinist’s bow
breathe here
in harmony with nature’s dance
freedom of vision on the downbeat
creating beautiful chaos
floating above an invisible melody
like colors of the spectrum
melting with increasing intensity


* Inspired by Dance Theatre of Harlem students improvising to jazz-Israeli music...amazing!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Want My Poetry to...

I want my poetry to take you on an unexpected journey
on a weightless flight
where there is no room for slow moving souls
who have no destination
so follow me.
I want my poetry to be your traveling companion
where the only music playing
is the sound of urban air rising from beneath your feet
as you listen
so dance with me.
And when this voyage is over
I want my poetry to leave you
wanting to write your own story
before the dust settles on this path
for others to follow
after you have walked with me.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Today , , ,

Today . . .
I will remember you
I will open my journal
I will write about you
I will get distracted
I will write about something else
I will get bored
I will go back to writing about you
I will cry
I will get angry
I will rip the pages from my book and throw them away
I will call you
I will let the phone ring
I will say nothing when you answer
I will hang up
I will take a walk in the rain
I will think of you
I will go back to my journal
I will write about you
I will save it this time

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It hasn't stopped yet
this bleeding from my weakened soul
with no feminine products in sight
no one offers a bath
they would rather watch  me drown
as I drag myself to touch the hem of His garment
I am invisible to the rest of the world
who turns a blind eye to me
reaching out to the shadow of the Almighty
who knows my name
and never forgets every detail of my life
even though the dust has covered the road
that I have walked many times over
trying to find relief
and He says:
“Go and be made whole”.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

cinquain #2

I know
if I could fly
truly I would escape
to places where no one has dared
to dream…

© 2011 PoetryofMotion!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Heart of a Woman (For Maya Angelou)

On Friday
for only $1
she called to me through her book
sitting on the shelf  alive waiting to be heard
what a price for such wisdom
On Monday
I heard her message
through the pages of her story
amazed and intrigued
leaving the book resting on a red pillow
not knowing that on Wednesday
she would be gone
and although we never met
I’m glad she spoke to me all the way to page 106
and I listened

Thursday, May 1, 2014

bring back our girls

bring back our girls
lives that cannot be thrown away
tossed out like garbage
like unripe fruit
picked before its time
flowers that never had a chance to bloom
bring them back
so they can flourish
they need the chance to breathe
and not inhale the foulness of old men’s breath
or feel unclean hands
and hear words not meant for their ears
bring our girls back
they are not just our future
but our present
their presence matters
to somebody
even if not to you
find them
like precious jewels in Nigerian caves of
and sapphire
search for them
they are wondering
they are waiting
for someone to come to their rescue


On dark mornings
I layer my delicate frame in silk and linen garments
that shield me from the eyes of ravenous wolves
in sheep’s clothing
whose predatory instincts trail the scent of fresh femininity
causing them to commit crimes against womanhood.
With no man to protect me from their heinous ways 
As I walk through empty alleys and streets where they lie in wait for me
I hide in the shadow of the Almighty
becoming invisible
only the light that surrounds me is seen
and I go on my way without fear
knowing that I am safe.


Friday, April 4, 2014

I Could

I could bloom here

in this concrete soil

with its steel skyline

and endless waves of people walking the pavement

going underground to get from point A to B to C

sometimes stepping on one another

without saying excuse me

making no eye contact

but connected at the root

I could get used to climbing several flights of old stairs

crossing the street to do laundry

alongside big butt menopausal women with graying locs

people cursing each other

in front of China King

and Ma’s old stoop

watching the cat who sleeps curled up in the barber shop window

in the afternoon sun

I could bloom here

in the cold

like a winter rose without thorns

trusting the universe to protect me

from danger

in this concrete soil


Thursday, January 30, 2014


sometimes i go through the motions
numb to the painful devastation
that has become my life
it’s easier to get through the day
without thinking
or feeling
they call it an emotional block
but i call it survival…
in this jungle
where I could easily become the prey
of a predator
i become invisible
speaking only when spoken to
answering when necessary
writing whenever possible
breathing through my ink
watching the world from behind paper
where no one can see me
or run from my pain
they only snap
and ask for more
i give it to them freely
because they don’t understand
that my words
are healing me
so i can live
and move on.