Wednesday, July 25, 2012


i grieved
as my life passed before me
my world turning into the deluge of Katrina’s torrents
imagining myself floating perilously away by disaster down Canal street
overtaken by the waters of death
never to be seen again

i grieved
as i passed through overturned graves
deceased dreams
decaying remains
and disintegrated souls

i grieved
as i stepped over broken hearts
shattered bodies
devastated minds
moving towards annihilation
mutilated and scarred beyond recognition…

but i survived


Sunday, July 22, 2012


i am a poet deep in thought

waiting for the next line

the next rhyme

the next time i write something it will be from wisdom’s gate

and not what you expect

random thoughts ready to take flight

even though I am grounded

my soul can still travel

Saturday, July 14, 2012


in honor of those who paint, write and sing
standing for the uprising
... insurrection and rebellion
against the atrocities of injustice committed by those who will escape unseen
putting pen to paper
and living dangerously in Real Evolutionary Determination
with weapons of ink
spilling literary bloodshed
spitting truth to the masses
the freedom fighters
willing to ride or die for what they believe
The Red Zone Revolution
is here to stay
showing the colors of life
and the order of the day

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


he used ink as currency

posting bail as collateral

to free him from the prison gates

inside his mind

a broke poet

with nothing to lose

but words

a hot commodity on an open market

sold to the highest bidder

he now survives

on writing to appease

to see and be seen

caught up in the mainstream

and swept away…

chasing the paper

while losing himself in the limelight

Monday, July 9, 2012



originality breeds contempt

and the honest reality of my words doesn’t always sit well with those who hear

it makes them feel uncomfortable

but that is the whole purpose of poetry

so listen

and free

your minds…

give these lines the chance to penetrate beneath the hard surface of your opinions

and hear what’s in my heart.

you might find out that it’s not too different to what’s in yours

and we will find a common ground

beyond that cup of coffee

and anonymous snaps

originality could become a new way of life

and maybe end some wars

feed some children

and save some souls...

you never know

so listen...