Monday, March 11, 2013

heart to heart

perhaps he lacks the courage to love
or maybe his emotions are unavailable
finding out takes too much energy
... to waste
on recycling love that goes nowhere
giving your heart away
to an empty space
an unfeeling wall
that will only make you bitter
why do you continue
to offer yourself
as disposable…
a throwaway girl whose worth is in her panties
when his only interest
is in what they contain
he doesn’t think of you
as a life companion
you’re nothing more than a whore
he will never pay for
wake up…
smell the coffee
and realize
your value
is more
than just sex
your sacred space
is only for the one who will love you
and not to be given away
for free
for attention
or out of desperation
shake yourself from the dust
see yourself as a queen
stop settling for crumbs
find the whole loaf
and sit at the table
with your king