Monday, February 25, 2013


there’s a woman who sits on the sidewalk

surrounded by her belongings

eating last night’s pizza from a greasy box

she doesn’t seem to care how close she is to the curb

rolling her eyes at the exhaust the buses leave behind

as they hurriedly turn the corner and come to a stop barely grazing her left hip

another woman passes by and gives her $2 that she quickly hides in one of her pockets

for safe keeping from desperate eyes

what has numbed her to danger

on a Thursday morning at rush hour when she could be anywhere else

having breakfast with her man

or taking her kids to school

but she’s here

with last night’s pizza that somebody left in the trash

and there’s nothing better

except to remember life

before living became so damn complicated

the sidewalk is an escape

from what was just too much to deal with in a day

out here it’s safer

than being indoors

and although most would disagree

i feel her

Sunday, February 24, 2013


High winds and storms blow through the northeast again with no end in sight…while hundreds of people run for cover out of the path of the howling torrents, huddled in fear…the ozone layer experiences record loss and the sun will scorch the earth’s atmosphere after Japan’s ocean radiation hits 7.5, the legal limit... as the crafty photographers show off nature’s secrets… somebody please run and tell them to  hurry and take all of the pictures they can because those secrets are quickly becoming copywritten history…and somewhere else a woman can no longer swim in her pool since the city condemned it but she still has to pay the taxes … Marvin sang a song for all times, way before time ran out for him…and the music continues to play on from vinyl to 8-track to cassette to CD to Mp3…Mercy Mercy Me, The Ecology…



Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Poets are everywhere…you will find them in the most hideous of places writing beautiful lines to change the scenery/cool man, cool to the beatnik cadence of fingers snapping and minds tuning into reality and escaping from the fake world/signing their autographs on every open mic list in town for that one opportunity to bring light to somebody’s dark walk/…yes, Poets are everywhere.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Growing Pains..palindrome


Angry feeling

spiraling downwards towards

moments of cycling viciously

spent wasting time remembering

past pains held inside …

her rejected neglected teenager still unloved

misunderstood sometimes motherless child crying running fast

forgetting and growing into drama and

womanhood without


without womanhood

and drama into growing and forgetting

fast running crying child motherless sometimes misunderstood

unloved still teenager neglected rejected her

inside held pains past…

remembering time wasting spent

viciously cycling of moments

towards downwards spiraling

feeling Angry