Saturday, March 21, 2015


it’s hard to believe
and convince others to hold on
when everywhere I look there is corruption dishonesty and compromise
preachers stealing and sleeping with other men’s wives
miserable families
and hungry children sitting on the church pews
people living in bondage that no one can see
the elders turn a blind eye and don’t have time to care
what would Jesus say if he were to walk into your church today
what would be your excuse when he asks “Where were you?”
because every time you ignore the hurt and pain of another
you crucify him again
we cannot continue in this way
walking in hypocrisy
coming into the sanctuary to be entertained
with no real intentions
it’s time to look up and stop playing
in case you haven’t noticed the last days are not upon us they are already here
the faithful falling away
going the way of Illuminati Babylon
prophetic words turning into crooked motivational speech
money raising and Go Fund my jet
and let me fly up and away
so what if your rent is past due
don’t ask me to help you
it’s hard to believe
when all of these things go on daily
but God hasn’t changed
He knows who belongs to Him
just make sure that you are not found outside
when the rain starts to fall
the old people used to say there will be no place to hide
so make your calling and election sure
and don’t give up
no matter what you see.