Saturday, April 28, 2012

moon dancing

let’s go dancing on the moon

all by ourselves

moving and grooving to the vibration of the stars

catching stardust between our toes

let’s jump from galaxy to galaxy

sky trip above the clouds

and take a lunar expedition

let’s see if there are really any other people out there

in the universe who believe in being free

dancing on the moon with no gravity to hold us down

seeing earth at a distance

from God’s view

let’s go dancing on the moon

all by ourselves

moving and grooving

to the vibration




Sunday, April 22, 2012

day #22

and this is for my sisters
who have buried countless dreams and realities
never given birth to children and aborted all of their seedlings
buried underground in winter
my sisters
who have walked away from hope because they had no other choice
the ones who stayed because they did
settling for less than they deserved
this is for my sisters
who have put their voices on the shelf
waiting for someone to speak in their behalf
because they are not whole
subjecting themselves to other people’s visions
and demanding nothing in return
my sisters
who are nameless
but not helpless
my sisters

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day #18...poetics

word and sound
life and love
giving and receiving
connecting and separating
near and distant
alike and opposite
old and new
spirits and souls
bodies converging and complementing
minds exploding and melting
brevity and longevity
full and empty
forgiving and reliving

Monday, April 16, 2012

I Wish...

Day #16
I wish that I could dance across the page
like my words do…
with no thought beforehand or reasoning why
floating effortlessly line upon line
just living and breathing life from ink
from beginning to end
enveloping grace and speaking truth
at anytime

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


i’m #23 on the list
sitting in a room filled with a curious vibe…
an eclectic group consisting of the types of men that normal women run away from
it’s a creepy crowd of various hues
awaiting the stage
among this malevolent bunch
some of them smell real bad
but everyone has something to say
their words are fire
their songs are heaven
and i’m #23 on the list
at this open mic…
where only the hour hand on the clock

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day #8

Ocean Queen
finding her place in the sun
sitting on her throne in the sand…
relaxing on the shore
unafraid of the high tide
she casts her prayers on the waters...
and returns to her place of reign
awaiting God’s answers.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

the night the dance died

the night the dance died
bruised feet stepping lightly over paved floors
cold tiles sending spine tingling waves of electricity through the body
keeping the beat to the rhythm of the melody
high praise with extended limbs and fallen arches on releve
toes tagged on the slab of betrayal...
the night the dance died
mingling words of half-truth and untruth
roots of bitterness weaving their way between the threads of the soul
unknown entities telling stories entitled with sorrow...
the night the dance died
whispering in the dark
falling in line in broken patterns
one by one
two by two
stifled in its breath and unable to rise..
the night the dance died
no more songs of joy
only a colorful fa├žade lights the way
before the last stanza repeats
dreaming of itself and imagining
the journey beyond...
the night the dance died
© 2012 PoetryofMotion!
All Rights Reserved
Day #7

on the eve of something better…
an old thing always passes away
as we cry and grieve what was
bury the dead
and scatter the ashes
we come to realize that what we really miss
was what we only thought we had
and bask in the memories of an illusion
filled with created imagery
and crafted lunacy
finally reality sheds light
and we see the truth about ourselves and others
and learn that we deserve more.

(c) 2012 PoetryofMotion!
All Rights Reserved