Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I write

I write
when it makes no sense...
when I have something to say
or nothing to say
not to keep up
or contend for the highest honor
but to be heard by that one whose life will change
because of some random  thoughts that I had the audacity to put on paper
while sitting on a rock on a Sunday afternoon
watching the sailboats passing by
never knowing what my words will mean to someone else
so I write every chance I get
because her life may depend upon my ink.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


IF I could control my life with a remote…
I would turn back the time and erase all of the haunting memories that worry my soul
and turn on all of the colors of the world that would shine brightly throughout the day
lighting the stars at night in tune with the music of the moon.
If I could control my life with a remote…I would turn off every voice of indifference,
every act of violence,
and all hypocrisy, sickness, pollution and greed.
If i could control my life with a remote…there would be only You and me.