Thursday, June 30, 2011


after 20 years away from you  i find that i have missed...
absolutely nothing
should i be surprised that the world i left still revolves around
the same meaningless mindless activity
but let’s get past all of that
since we last walked out of those iron gates never to look back
with big plans of becoming the next leaders of the modern world
a revolutionary takeover
or to at least have a street named after our firstborn in winter
i wonder what would have happened if the plans we made really came to fruition
and were more than just talk to impress whomever we thought was passing by listening to us rant and rave
when all they were really doing was taking the short cut to the water fountain... 
now hear this  
20 years later it’s all starting to look the same
time has passed although much has changed
with life slightly balding and turning gray around the edges
things didn’t exactly turn out the way any of us expected
and so after 20 years of absentia
i am certain that i have missed absolutely nothing

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